Tales of Suburbia (part 1)

by Jack Davies

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This is the first part of a series of EPs which explore images and stories inspired by the towns and homes and cities that I've lived in.


released March 22, 2017

Bottoms up for the ACMF National Songwriting Competition for awarding me the prize money which purchased all of the equipment needed to record these tracks.



all rights reserved


Jack Davies Fremantle, Australia

Folk singer/songwriter from perth who's interested in Mangoes and listening to Bob Dylan without shoes on.

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Track Name: A Hungry Little Song
Walking down the street
I got nothing to eat
just lookin' for a restaurant

seagull comes up to me
says hey you got anything to feed me?
i say sorry buddy but it looks like you're outta luck

so i keep walkin' on
to this hungry little song
and that's when i see a box of chips on the ground

I stop right there and gasp
at the sight of hot chips on the grass
and then i check that no one else is around

I go to take a bite
and that's when I get a mighty big fight
y'see that seagull comes racing along

he swallows the chips whole
lord jeez he nearly swallows my soul
and so i just stand there,
in hot chip despair,
and whistle,
a hungry little song

so I'm walking down the street
and I've still got nothing to eat
but I'm gonna go find a restaurant!

that's when i see a quite magical light
pierce through the dark hunger of night
and these feet they start to run!

I burst in through the door
my jaw drops to the floor
at the sight of a greasy cashier called mark

I order my food quickly
he say that's twenty four dollars fifty
and then I realise,
with fear in my eyes,
much to my suprise
(or rather demise)
that i left my wallet by the seagull in the park

so I run back to the street
got no money still nothing to eat
but I'm gonna go scour that god damn park

I search it high and low
but I'm slowly getting nowhere
for my eyes are old and it's getting way too dark

and that's when i hear a strange sound
waddling across the ground
a pair of hungry eyes look up at me

and what i see was almost funny
you see that seagull had my money
and when he smelt the scent of food oh he wasn't pleased

I said hey give me my money!
he said so you think this is funny?
lying to a hungry little bird

you better give me some of that food
for I'm really not in the mood
to be pushed around and when you lie to me it hurts

I said sorry mr seagull
its too dark and you can't see well
you see i don't have any food to share

for about 5 minutes ago
i tried to buy some but i was broke
you see you're holding all my money just right there

he then looked me in the eyes
poor seagull nearly cried
you see he was an emotional little thing

he tried to say he's sorry
i said mate that's really not a worry
why don't you come along now and ill buy us something

so now we're running down the street
got lots of money still nothing to eat
but we can smell the scent of freshly baked toast

but when we get back from the park
we notice the windows have all gone dark
except for a little red sign that says sorry were closed
Track Name: Little Leaf
It rained today, I stood beneath a tree. I listened for the breeze and rain and watched cars pass by me. When a little lonely leaf, fell right down on me (from the tree).

I looked up, saw a cat sat in the branch. Caused a little leaf avalanche, it rained. Looked kinda funny to me, (but not to the cat it seemed). So I put both my arms out and reached, up, and it jumped on down on me
(from the tree).

It kinda hurt, the cat had really sharp claws, which ripped little holes in in my shorts and shoes but it had these soft little paws. which made little thuds as it walked away and left me by my self (no one else).

And then a man walked past. I looked him in the eyes. In forethought, that wasn't wise, because then the sky went black it seems, oh the sky went black and he had a heart attack. So I crawled back, under, the tree.

It's still raining. I'm sat beneath a tree. Listening to the breeze and rain and watching cars pass by me. When a little lonely leaf, falls right down on me (from the tree).
Track Name: An Old Man
An old man walks in a young man's shoes and looks up at the world. He wears a pair of young eyes too and swears he just a boy (and he sings).

He watches all the buildings and the people passing by but nobody stops to talk. He feels all the bricks on the big old walls as his fingertips turn to chalk (and he sings).

He walks all day just to watch the world dance to the songs of a tambourine. His boots are made of leather but he's never been to Spain, he's just watching the sun turn green (and he sings).

An old man walks in a young man's shoes and looks up at the world. He wears a pair of young eyes too and swears he just a boy (and he sings).